Abhay Protein for Cattle Feed

AP 175 Cb

Currently, AP 6000 CFG - Abhay Protein is exclusively manufactured for Cattle Feed grade and is sold under the brand name. It has seen a strong “pull” factor from satisfied customers in both organized / unorganized sector across the globe.

The unique patented process technology of ACPL facilitates to produce Abhay Protein of 38% with an Oil / Fat content of 4 % (with total Albuminoids of 43% max) as compared to 18% to 20% of protein in traditionally processed methods.

The AP-6000 CFG in the cattle feed is best utilized by the cattle because of its high" by-pass protein" value. The protein available in the AP-6000 CFG is naturally a by-pass type of protein; in case of ruminants the protein as it does not degrade in Rumen is directly made available to the animal for body growth, maintenance or Production. Thus ultimately reducing the cost of protein feeding which is the highest one in case of dairy animals even.

AP 180 DIB

The naturally occurred by-pass Protein in AP 6000 CFG was in-tact and well protected to safe guard its naturally available benefits due to its Single stage Extraction, a patented process. The animals which have the RUMINANT DIGESTIVE SYSTEM would get benefitted with the by-pass Protein of AP 6000 CFG directly and facilitates to increase its growth rate, with an incremental Milk Yield / & Re- production capabilities besides an overall improvement of cattle health.

Abhay Protein - AP 6000 CFG can be used alone in many diets or in combination with other plant and animal protein sources to complete a balanced ratio under the directions of animal nutrition by the farming community and gets its direct advantages.

The characteristics of a particular meal are largely determined by the type of oil extraction process from which the meal was derived, - mechanical double extracted / screw-pressed or single step expander / extruded, direction extraction at nominal temperature & pressure profiles. Abhay’s being single step extraction, the naturally occurred amino acids, nutritional values & Metabolizable Energy of the Abhay Proteins had far superior qualities.

Abhay Protein represents almost 35% of ACPL’s projected revenues and is the favored product for customers both in organized sector like Godrej Agrovet, Baramati Agro etc. The company is also exporting its products to South Africa and Thailand.

Sr. No Quality Parameter UOM AP 300 - LSG
1 Crude Protein %(w/w) 38
2 Crude Fiber %(w/w) 10
3 Resident Oil Content %(w/w) 4
4 Albuminiods %(w/w) 42
5 Moisture %(w/w) 10
6 S @ S %(w/w) 2
7 Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 & G2 PPB <= 10

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