Abhay Cotton Seed Hulls

Cotton Seed Hulls

Cottonseed hulls represent almost 27% of the cottonseed. They are rich in nutrients and fibers and can be used as a part of cattle feed.

Cottonseed Hulls are excellent roughages and have strong application in cleaning of oil pipelines and is also found to be favored fertilizer for Mushrooms. ACPL currently sells the Hulls as cattle feed under its own brand name

Cottonseed Hulls are the outer covering of the cottonseed and are separated from the kernel prior to the oil extraction process.

Cottonseed hulls contain 3-8% highly digestible cotton linters (nearly 100% cellulose). Cottonseed hulls are an exceptional roughage with a high level of effective fiber and are very palatable. They are commonly used in feedlot and dairy ratios since they require no grinding and mix well with other feed ingredients.

They can be pelleted for ease of handling and to lower transportation cost. Cottonseed hulls are comparable in nutritive value to good quality grass hay and are valuable digestive aides to concentrate ratios.

They can also serve to limit intake of concentrate when feeding on pasture.

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