Shrihari Super Feed

“SUPER FEED” is a feed relatively more concentrated with respect to vital Nutrients such as Protein, Fat, and Digestibility. And it need at least 50% dilution at users i.e. farmers end before feeding.

Ms. Abhay Nutrition Private Limited (ANPL) is a customer centric, innovative product based company and always thinks the needs of the dairy industry and produces value added quality animal feed products through its R & D center duly approved by Dept of Science & Industrial Research, Government of India, established at Jalna, Maharashtra, INDIA

We, M/s Abhay Nutrition in the thrust of developing a much needed High Proteins, High Energy Cattle Feed for the Dairy segment of the country have produced a unique product through our “Single Step- Low Temperature- Low Pressure Partial Extraction method” which is a Patented Innovative Process Technology owned by our Company. The production facility is located at Jalna, Maharashtra, India.

The R&D efforts enriched us to address all the malnutrition problems effectively. ANPL’s || SHRIHARI || Feed is best source of Crude Protein and Energy which is better than any other good source of available Compound feed. The salient features of || SHRIHARI || feeds are as follow.

The || SHRIHARI || feed manufactured is containing Bypass Protein, as it is the basic strength of the company hence Bypass Protein technology is actively adapted in this product ( RUP value 60%).

With the latest process improvement of Partial Extraction, the fat content in the feed is always 10% minimum i.e. it is a Energy dense Feed in the form of FAT which gets balanced for required Protein-Energy ratio of every milch animal.

As the Fat is inherent and natural by source, it is rich in Vitamin Precursors and Vitamins. It also contains minerals in highly available form.

The feed is kept free from all type of toxins and anti-nutritional factors.

|| SHRIHARI || feed is a Protein-Energy-Balancer which will help every farmer to prepare a recipe at his farm. A Super Feed, it is excessively filled in with major nutrients, so that it can be diluted at the user end.

Benefits of using SHRIHARI feed

It brings the animal in ‘+ve’ energy balance thereby improving the body score of animal which leads to.

Minimum 10% increment in milk production

Minimum 10% increment in the quality parameters. (Fat, Protein & SNF)

Standardize Inter Calving period.

Put a full stop to metabolic disorders and inhibit the production diseases.

The products wherever introduced are largely accepted by animals and appreciated by Owner Farmers, as it adds money in their pocket.

Sailent Features of Shrihari

Sr. No Particulars Moisture
1 SHRIHARI 11 30 10 18 85 2 20 ppb 30 ppm
All the test methods followed are as per the AOAC official methods.

Exclusively manufactured “Protein-Energy-Balancer”

Could be the best digestible feed available to the date.

Containing Pure, Natural & Organic Protein 30% & Fat 10%

Filled in with highly digestible fiber 18%

Enriched with available form of Vital Minerals Ca-1.12% & P-0.98%

Amino Acid Profile

Lyisne 1.20% Arginine 3.42%
Methionine 0.60% Iso leucine. 1.18%
Cystine 0.58% Leucine 1.98%
Threonine 1.16% Valine 1.44%
Trytophan 0.44% Histidine 0.66%
Phenylalanine 1.15%    


As a “Super Feed” it needs to dilute with Maize bran or Wheat bran or Rice bran etc. and the dosage depend upon the productivity and body condition of the individual milking animal
For Cow: 1 Kg for Body maintenance + 200gm per liter of milk production.
For Buffalo : 1.5 Kg for Body maintenance + 250gm per liter of milk production.

Caution Note :
Due to higher Digestibility it should be taken into feeding with only 250 gm per day for first 10 days.


Maize bran or Wheat bran or Rice bran etc. 50%

Supplied in
Machine stitched 50 Kg PP / 60 Kg Jute bags. Rates
Rs. 22500/- PMT, ex-factory Dhule / Jalna, Maharashtra. Above rates are applicable for next 15 days from 10 Dec 2015, please.

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